Is LVNV Funding LLC suing you? I can beat them.

LVNV Funding LLC is a debt collection agency that purchases delinquent credit card accounts at a discount with the hopes of getting a default judgment against you if you don’t appear in court.  How do they do it?

When LVNC Funding LLC purchases your delinquent credit card account,  they pay a fraction of what is owed.  For example, John Dow owes $10,000 credit card bills and interest and ignores the credit card requests to pay.  When they close out the account, they sell (assign) it to a debt collection company for $1,500. LVNV Funding LLC is one of those companies.  Once
LVNV Funding LLC is assigned the $10,000 account, they attempt to collect the full $10,000, with the hopes of making up to $8,000 in profit.  But they do have to spend money on lawyers and filing fees.

Typically, LVNV Funding LLC will attempt to collect the debt by mailing debt collection letters; and when that doesn’t work, they will file a Civil Complaint against you in Magisterial District Court.  In other words you are being SUED.

If you receive a Civil Complaint from LVNV Funding LLC , it is IMPERATIVE and a MUST that you contact me.  You don’t want to ignore the lawsuit, or else LVNV will get a default judgment against you.  If this happens, they will go after your wages, your car, or your bank accounts.

What happens if you represent yourself in court?  You will risk losing your case because LVNV Funding LLC can call you to the witness stand and compel you to testify about the debt.

What happens if you hire me?  I will defend your case in court and will ask the court to issue a judgment in your favor.  In other words, LVNC Funding will walk away with nothing.

Call or text me at (484) 548-5499.  We can meet in person at my office, or via Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenenger, Google Duo and discuss what papers I need to see to begin your defense.

My goal is to have the court grant a judgment in your favor.  My modest fee takes into account that money is tight and everyone is struggling to pay their bills.  I get it.  That is why my fees for defending you are reasonable, and guaranteed.  If I don’t get a judgment in your favor, I will refund my attorney fee.  It is that simple.