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Criminal Law

If you were accused of a felony or misdemeanor in Pennsylvania, you want an advocate who understands the implications and penalties associated with those charges.  If you are accused of crimes or disorderly persons offenses in New Jersey, you want an attorney who can defend you before your case is presented to a grand jury.  Contact me immediately so I can fight for your rights.

I have helped over 3800 clients from accused of every crime imaginable, including murder, attempted murder, eluding, aggravated assault, aggravated sexual assault, armed robbery, burglary, theft, credit card fraud, cyber harassment, terroristic threats, Megan's Law crimes, unlawful possession of a weapon, unlawful possession and distribution of CDS, and violations of probation.  Let my over 17 years of criminal law experience help you fight.  You want someone who understands the criminal justice system, someone who has tried cases to verdict, someone that has clerked for the judiciary, and someone who has devoted their entire legal career to criminal defense practice.

You have state and federal constitutional rights that are invoked the moment you are arrested and accused.  My work ethic, motion practice, negotiation skills, and trial experience will safeguard your constitutional rights.


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Landlord Tenant Matters

If you are a tenant and threatened with eviction or living in fear of eviction, please call my office to discuss what your rights are.  Tenants have rights and oftentimes, are uninformed.  If I am provided with a copy of your most recent lease agreement, I will gladly go over all the terms with you, and discuss the covenants and implied warranties that apply in  your case.

If you are a landlord and are having trouble with a tenant, I can help you too.  I am also a landord and highly suited to understand what issues you may be encountering and offer advisce on how you may wish to proceed. Contact me immediately so I can prepare a roadmap for how you should legally proceed.

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Credit Card Debt Collection

Are you being sued by debt collector Midland Credit Management?  Click Here

Are you being sued by debt collector Portfolio Recovery Associates?  Click Here.

Did you know that thousands of people are harassed and contacted by third party debt buyers, every year?  Consumers are mislead into believing they must settle an unpaid credit balance or be sued.  I have represented countless inviduals from these third party debt buyers and won every time. If you get a letter or a Civll Complaint from Midland Credit Management, Portfolio Recovery Associates, LVNV Funding LLc, or Capital Bank  Contact me immediatley to see if you can walk away without paying them a dime.  My job is to get you a judgment in your favor, guaranteed.

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Driving While Suspended, DUI / DWI, Traffic

Nothing restricts your freedom to travel like the implications and fallout of having a conviction for DUI, motor vehicle violations, or driving while your operating priveleges are suspended. If you are arrested for a DUI or other traffic related offense, contact me so I can fight to ensure your rights are protected.  Even motor vehicle tickets can result in a loss of license or the revocation of your vehicle registration.  Speak with me to discuss your options.

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Consumer Fraud 

I have helped many clients handle issues with  car dealerships, financing companies, time-share/vacation clubs and home improvement contractors.

If you have a problem with any business dealings, give me a call.  We can discuss whether or not the vendor or business violated any federal of state consumer protection laws.  Oftentimes, a strongly worded letter from Attorney George S. Nassif will let them know how they may face civil or criminal repercussions from their illegal or deceptive business practices.

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Family Law

If you are going through a divorce or separation, you want an attorney that will guide you through the legal process and represent your interests.

Custody disputes can be equally confusing and difficult.  Give me a call so we can discuss your particular situation and work out a plan to ensure you are represented in court.

Single parents are typically vulnerable and in need of child support.  If you need help navigating through the process, send me an email or make the call.  I'm here to help.

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Fighting for the Underdog, Since 2003

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As a sole practitioner, I have been helping clients with matters beyond my criminal law experience.  Every month, I handle and dispose of more and more civil matters involving landlord/tenant disputes, third party debt collection practices, matters involving home improvement contractors, deceitful auto mechanics and dealerships.  If there is a matter I don't typically handle, I will gladly refer your matter to a colleague that can help.

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Contact me now, so I can help you answer any questions you may have about how to go about handling your specific matter.  Time is of the essence.  Many legal matters can be resolved economically with a proactive approach.